This page is designed to help you navigate the choices available and direct you towards the quickest and easiest way of getting help. Please select option that closely matches your need today. If you are having trouble finding an appropriate option, please call the practice reception.
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If you are worried about diabetes or have been newly diagnosed with it...
...there is plenty of information on understanding your condition better along with personal tips to stay on top of diabetes.

Is it an Emergency?

Always call 999 for an emergency situation

Call 999

If you are in any doubt, suffering chest pains or serious risk to life, then call 999 immediately. Do not wait to ask the surgery or send emails or contacts through this portal.

Living with Diabetes

Living with diabetes is difficult. There are so many factors to consider and it can be stressful knowing what’s best, but you shouldn’t need to put your life on hold.

Here you’ll find lots of information to help you live well with your condition. From advice about treatments and what to eat, to practical guidance and emotional support, we’ve got you covered.

myDiabetes App

myDiabetes brings you the most comprehensive, user-friendly and intuitive diabetes app available on any device. Built by diabetes experts, myDiabetes puts you in control like never before.
With expert education on all aspects of diabetes care. Monitor your blood glucose, HbA1C, and other risk factors to reduce your risk of serious long term complications. myDiabetes also brings you closer to your clinician, enhancing and enabling efficient care remotely.
myDiabetes app