Clinical Services

Clinical Services

The clinic was established initially to avoid repeated journeys to hospital. It is held on a weekly basis and is run by Dr Ahuja.

It is a ‘one stop’ service. Your blood will be taken by means of a finger pricking device and tested immediately. The results will checked by the GP who will adjust your warfarin dose if necessary and provide you with the date for your next appointment.

The asthma service is designed to educate asthmatic patients on their condition, to ensure that you are taking medication correctly and that your condition is controlled. It is important that all asthmatic patients attend for a review at least once per year.

We recommend that smears are taken every 3 years for those aged between 25 and 50 years old and every 5 years for those aged between 50 and 65 years old (unless you have been advised otherwise). Smear tests are carried out by the Practice Nurse.

The Baby Clinic is held every Wednesday morning between 9.30 am and 12.00 noon (no appointment necessary)

The Baby Clinic is run by Dr Ahuja, the Health Visitor and the Practice Nurse.

The clinic is intended to provide complete health care for your child, from birth to five years. This includes immunistaions, development checks and general advice. The Health Visitor is always available to give advice on caring for your child and for routine weighing. It is important that your children are fully immunized against all childhood diseases. We send reminders to parents when appointments are due. If you are unable to attend the appointment given, please contact us and we will organise another appointment.

Please click here to view the Vaccination Checklist

A chiropodist holds sessions in the Surgery. This service is available free of charge to all of our patients. If you have a problem with your feet and would like to see the Chiropodist, please make an appointment with your Doctor who can arrange a referral.

The Practice provides comprehensive chronic disease monitoring including the following:
Diabetic Clinic – including insulin initiation

  • COPD
  • Asthma
  • Coronary Heart Disease
  • Cerbro-Vascular Disease monitoring
  • Hypertension
  • Chronic Kidney Disease

Condom Distribution Scheme

We offer a free and confidential condom distribution service to young people under the age of 25 years. Condoms are provided free and are available to both male and female young people following an appointment with a trained member of staff (usually the Practice Nurse or Healthcare Assistant). Information and leaflets on condom usage are also provided.

Young People and Contraceptive Services

We provide a fully confidential service to young people. All members of the practice team are bound by confidentiality rules. If you would like to discuss contraception please make an appointment to see one of the GPs or the Practice Nurse.

Please click here for more information on Contraception for Young People

Counselling services are available at the surgery and are provided by a qualified, experienced Counsellor.

If you are troubled by anxiety, depression, stress or relationship problems etc and would like to see the counsellor please make an appointment to see your GP who can arrange this for you.

The diabetic clinic is run as a ‘one stop’ service providing comprehensive care for diabetic patients. The clinic is run by Dr Ahuja, the Practice Nurse, Dietician and Chiropodist.

The clinic is designed to educate diabetic patients on their condition and provide regular monitoring and advice on diabetic care. Once a year you will be offered an appointment for an annual review which includes blood tests, a urine check and a physical examination as well as appointments with the dietician and chiropodist.

It is important that all diabetic patients have an eye examination on an annual basis.

A dietician holds a clinic at the surgery once a month to provide expert advice and support to patients who are diabetic or who have other medical conditions requiring the help of a dietician. Referrals to the dietician are made be seeing a doctor.

The practice provides a comprehensive family planning service including:

  • Prescribing of oral contraception (the pill)
  • Fitting and Removal / Replacement of coils (including the mirena coil)
  • Fitting and Replacement / Removal of Implants
  • Giving contraception by injection (depo-provera)
  • Prescribing of Emergency Contraception – please arrange to see a doctor or the practice nurse as soon as possible
    if you require this (this must be within a maximum of 72 hours).

Everyone taking oral contraception (the pill) needs to be seen yearly by the Practice Nurse for a pill check.

After you have been discharged from hospital following a serious illness, major diagnosis or major operation, we may ask one of our District Nurses to visit you to offer appropriate care, advice and support.

Full ante-natal and post-natal services are available. The majority of your care will be provided by your Midwife.

The Maternity Clinic is held every Tuesday morning between 10.00am and 12.00noon.

A team of midwives provide your maternity care and one of the midwives that you meet during your antenatal period will deliver your baby. You will then be given full postnatal care by the team of midwives. The Practice operates a system of ‘shared care’ with the local hospital. This means that most of your antenatal care is carried out at the surgery and you will only need to visit the hospital a couple of times, provided all goes well.

We are able to carry out a range of minor operations from the fully equipped treatment room. This is arranged through special appointment with the doctor. Please make an appointment with Dr Sahoo. Examples of minor operations include removal of cysts, moles and skin lumps.

Our Receptionist will inform you of the charges for examinations that are not covered by the NHS. For example:

  • HGV medicals
  • Taxi Driver medicals
  • Insurance Medicals
  • Occupational Health medicals etc.

If your Doctor feels that you need a course of physiotherapy they will refer you to our Physiotherapist, who holds a clinic at the Surgery.

This avoids you travelling unnecessarily to hospital.

We provide a comprehensive smoking cessation service to those who want to stop smoking. The service is presently run by our Practice Nurse who is a fully trained Intermediate Smoking Cessation Advisor.

Statistics have shown that the programme is most successful when people are highly motivated to quit smoking and when they are well supported by clinicians.

You will be provided with help and support to help you stop smoking. It involves discussing with you the best nicotine replacement therapy to help you stop smoking, for example, patches or tablets and you will be provided with prescriptions or vouchers for these.

Throughout the smoking cessation programme you will need to be reviewed regularly so that we can monitor the effectiveness of the nicotine replacement therapy and to enable you to continue receiving the required amount of help and support.

Kim McCaffery – Practice Nurse has been presented with her 3rd ‘Star Performers’ certificate for meeting a range of qualtiy standards in Smoking Cessation:

Vascular assessments are offered to healthy patients between the ages of 40 – 74 years old who do not have diabetes or a form of heart / vascular disease.

Vascular assessments are a preventative assessment to identify any risks of developing serious diseases like heart disease, diabetes, strokes, kidney disease etc in the future.

By carrying out vascular assessments we would hope to delay the onset of or minimize the risk of these diseases. At the appointment we will carry out a simple examination, take a blood sample and ask some questions about your lifestyle.