This page is designed to help you navigate the choices available and direct you towards the quickest and easiest way of getting help. Please select option that closely matches your need today. If you are having trouble finding an appropriate option, please call the practice reception.
0191-300-9631 / 0191 513 0884

I want to speak to a Clinician to discuss my medication

Please contact the surgery through eConsult and one of the Doctors will get back to you.

NHS Symptom Checker

1. Answer questions about your main symptom
2. Find out when and where to get
3. Be contacted by a nurse, if needed
Follow this link to launch the NHS Symptom Checker,  find out the next steps, who to speak to, the best options to progress and how to make an appointment with the appropriate clinical care team
Click Here..

Is it an Emergency?

Always call 999 for an emergency situation

Call 999

If you are in any doubt, suffering chest pains or serious risk to life, then call 999 immediately. Do not wait to ask the surgery or send emails or contacts through this portal.

I need an Appointment

If you have exhausted all areas of this portal and need an appointment with a Doctor, then please consider using eConsult as the quickest way of raising your concerns with the Doctor. It's quick, easy and confidential.
Click the button below to go to the eConsult page

Register for Online Access

Please complete our short form below to request Online Access if you are not already signed up to use Patient Access.

Your completed form will be emailed to the practice manager. You will receive a copy to the email address you provided above.

I want to discuss a change in medication

Please click to contact us through eConsult, or if you prefer contact our reception team on 0191 300 9631

I would like to register for the NHS App

Click here to get started and find out more.